About Us

Cocone opened headquarter in Tokyo, Japan in September 2008. Since we started our journey towards creating services that can impress users with our efforts to listen to their hearts, we launched services from language learning apps to puzzle game with artistic metaphor characters like ‘van Meowogh’, and ‘Piccasso’. And avatar games that users can enjoy the world’s best digital fashion items sharing their emotions with other users.

We have built up our experiences in Northeast Asian market for 10 years and recently started spreading our services globally based on our know-hows that we earned. Now we are providing services mainly in Japanese market, supporting by the HQ in Tokyo, the design studios in Kyoto and Sendai, Japan, the marketing branch in Shanghai, China and the global office in Seoul, Korea.
We have been gained expertise in creating services to find out what users really want in the digital world and the way to share the digital sensibility by developing various services and businesses over the past decade.

We are still seeking the better way to understand the lifestyle of human beings in between reality and digital life, so we can possibly present to our users how to connect both worlds for next decade with new services combining our achievement and new technologies such as blockchain, AI, IoT.

10 Years

Established in 2008 September

Top 8

All-Time Google Play Consumer Spend Outside of Games

15M+ Users

Beloved by 15,000,000 users


Acheived 1,000,000 Daily Active User

Top 31

Ranked at 31st Great Place to Work in Japan








The name Cocone comes from the first syllables of three Japanese words, Cocoro (mind), Cotoba (language), and Network.
Our slogan delivers the message….
"Shape your feeling. Share your feeling."




The Global financial Crisis of 2008 would bring the new paradigm like blockchain business. We will deliver the transparent and reliable business model to our clients. Therefore, we are developing blockchain based platform businesses on cross promotion and digital fashion items.


Games that deliver your digital emotions and we offer the value via games. That is why we produce avatar and puzzle games on mobile, such as ‘Pokecolo’, ‘My Little Doll’, ‘the Days of Van Meowgho’, ‘Hello Sweet Days’, ‘Sensil’, etc.


We have been considering education as a way to level-up one’s life value. Therefore, we give more value to the education for the next generation to live in the world where digital and reality coexist.


The world’s first avatar dress up mobile game!

The world most well-known animation fellows become your little dolls on your hands!

A puzzle game based on the story of Van Gogh and famous painter like Paul Gauguin

Mobile avatar game officially provided with Sanrio and friends!

Fantasy avatar dress up battle game with special characters!


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